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Do I need a coach?

All About Coaches
There are many reasons to hire a private coach for your child. Coaches can help skaters excel at a faster pace than in group lessons, supplement group lessons, provide assistance on a difficult skill, or help when the skater is ready to compete more seriously. Things to consider when selecting a coach are personality, learning and teaching styles, experience and technical know-how.
Here are a few questions we recommend asking:
  • How long have you been coaching?
  • What are your greatest coaching accomplishments?
  • What is your skating background? Do you specialize in coaching certain disciplines (singles, pairs, dance, synchronized skating)?
  • What levels have you passed?
  • Did you skate competitively?
  • Are you a member of U.S. Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters’ Association (PSA)?
  • Are you compliant with all U.S. Figure Skating requirements?
  • Do you hold any PSA rankings or ratings?
  • How do you stay current with the sport and the profession of coaching?
  • What are your rates for lessons, competitions, cutting music, etc.?
  • How often do you bill for charges?
  • When do you expect to be paid?
  • What is your policy if we have to cancel a planned lesson?
  • Are there any other policies that we should be aware of in advance?

Our Blue Ridge Figure Skating Coaches

Carmina Monaco

President Blue Ridge Figure Skating Club
Private Instructor, PSA, USFSA CER A

Carmina coaches our elite program and mentors new coaches. She has over 30 years of experience training figure skaters in both Northeast Pennsylvania and beyond, from beginner through the national level. Once a competitor herself, Carmina has a unique ability to train skaters in proper jump technique, spins and footwork. Her knowledge of IJS and experience taking skaters to Regional competitions is unparalleled in our region. Carmina ensures her skaters are advancing and reaching their goals at regular intervals. Carmina gives lessons at both the club’s home rink Revolution Ice Centre and the Toyota Sportsplex at Coal St. Carmina partners with several coaches in our area and beyond to ensure skaters are reaching their goals.

Matthew Essingmann

Private Instructor, PSA, USFSA CER A

Angela Hosey

Private Instructor, Learn to Skate Instructor

Angela has been instructing learn to skate for many years. Her knowledge of the Learn to Skate program paired with her experience as a figure skater has produced many skaters in our region who have moved into higher levels.
Angela works with a small staff at Revolution Ice Centre who assist in making her Learn to Skate classes fun and personable while learning the proper skills and techniques required to graduate to the bridge program. Skaters completing Angela’s learn to skate program usually move on to the Bridge Program or private lessons. Angela also assists adult skaters with lessons in a comfortable friendly environment. Angela is available for private lessons upon request.

12 Old Boston Rd. Pittston, PA 18640

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